Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's December...Last Month of the year... John Chow Is Rocking!

So is December going to be best month of the year? Well, for the month of November which is last month, John Chow's Blog Income Report showed that he made a record of over $27,240.83 usd income. Awesome isn't it?

This is where the income came from:

* Private Ad Sales: $12,854.84
* Affiliate Commissions: $6,579.67
* ReviewMe: $4,400.00
* Text Link Ads: $2,012.66
* Kontera: $1,000.00
* TTZ Media: $348.50
* Subscription: $40.00
* ShoppingAds: $5.16
* Grand Total: $27,240.83

W00t...that's an inspiration for bloggers out there....You will probably take a year to earn that much money for being a graduate holder.

Sorry for not being updating for a long time...I'll try my best do update more often.

Stay tune :)

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